Magnetosphere Visualizer

Visualizers produce a graphic effect in time with music being played.  That is, a sound to light effect.  Most audio players will come complete with a range of visualizers.  Others can be downloaded, sometimes free.


The best visualizer  used to be called “The Magnetosphere“.  It is now only available with the Apple iTune player but the player can be downloaded to a Mac or PC for free.   The effect has multiple modes to play with.

You can take a look at the effect using the link below (link replaced because the original is no longer available) :-

Click on “Youtube” (bottom right of screen) to view at  There you will find other visualizers.  Some are not free.

To get the best of this visualizer, if you can, connect your computer’s VGA lead (i.e. the one that normally connects to your monitor) between your computer and a large screen TV or projector (You will need a cable that has a plug at both ends).  Then use the TV’s or projector’s remote to select PC as the Source.  The effect is stunning.

To download iTunes, you can use the following link..

Important Tip: If you already have a folder of music (e.g. you have been using Windows Media Player) then, when  iTunes opens, you will need to use menu File/Add to include your music in the iTunes player. 

Before you do this, go to Edit/Preferences then the Advanced tab and then uncheck the “Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding”.  Otherwise you will have a second copy of music taking up disk space.

If you copy music to your PC, other than using iTunes, it will be necessary to use File/Add again.

To activate the visualizer:

  • Open the iTunes player and play your choice of music.
  • Select, from the menu, “View” then “Visualizer”.  Choose the visualizer thet you want to use. 
    • The iTunes visualizer is an advancement on the basic Magnetosphere and is probably the best choice.
  • Then select, from the menu, “View” then “Show Visualizer”.
  • For a menu of controls press  ?   With some modes you can also use the keys Q W, A S, and + –  keys.
  • To toggle Full Screen press Ctrl and F.
  • To stop press Esc

Enjoy !


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