Pakleni dan / Hell of a day

This is really a MUST SEE. The photography is excellent and with a very interesting approach.

It is overlayed with a great piece of music and the video at the end carries the theme forward wonderfully well. Worth seeing on a projector.
I’d recommend the other “Days” too.  Especially “The Bee Lady” and “Tinkerbell Kitty

Reblogged with the kind permission of the WordPress site: Just One Day in A Lifetime with the Post: Hell of a Day   give it a click and some Likes.  A fairly new blog well worth encouraging.

Just One Day In a Lifetime

Ovo nije bilo planirano. Još manje je bilo planirano objavljivanje dva vlastita dana za redom. No, što je tu je. Ljeto je. Pakleno ljeto.

Zvučnike, molim.


This was not the plan. And it was definitely not the plan to publish two days of my own in a row. Well, it is what it is. Summer. Hell of a summer.

Speakers, please.



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