Semper Fidelis

semper-fidelis-awardI am very pleased to offer this very appreciative award in the spirit in which it was created. 

I offer the view that to be nominated is initially a token of appreciation.

The award is then earned, by those who choose to participate, by nominating others and so offering that same appreciation and encouragement. Which is not so easy as it sounds.

The Semper Fidelis Award (Always Faithful) was created by Petite Magique.  Patty, the award originator, has kindly agreed to a variation in the rules so that they are more accommodating.  The rules of acceptance are:-

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Nominate 6-12 bloggers who’s loyalty and friendship you value and you consider being part of your ‘pack of wolves’ on WordPress. I don’t think there’s is any great rush about this.
  • Create a specific dedication for each of your nominees.
  • Let the nominees know that you’ve nominated them.
  • Then you have earned the award and should copy the badge/pic somewhere on your blog. (Right click on the pic and select “Save Image” from sub-menu”).

In this case there will be a few extra words in dedication to all, at the end. 

First let me thank “Fill the Empty Spaces” at for the nomination. It was most unexpected and much appreciated.

* I am going to take a small liberty and give two of the awards, without conditions, to Latifa Achchi and Asim Iftikhar who are local Community Centre Managers. Both go more than the  extra yard in their commitment to the community.  I hope they will use the badge on a Gravatar or as they see fit.  It was Lati who got me into this in the first place.  She tends to do that. 🙂

In the spirit of the award my rogues gallery nominees consist of those who have consistently visited this site and left their calling cards. With thanks to them all for the encouragement. The nominees, in alphabetical order, are:-

Eddie Two Hawks at

Specifically, for taking time out from a very busy blog to leave a calling card and respond with kind words. It is much appreciated.

Emorphes at

Specifically, for taking time out from a very busy blog to leave a calling card. It is much appreciated.

Cindy Knoke at

Specifically, for encouragement and putting the alternate and  inspiring title of “The True Nature of Humanity” to the 9/11 Boatlift film.  That was so well done.

The World According to Dina at

Specifically, for encouragement and being the first who dared to Like one of the Duck Chronicles (you don’t know what you did – there’ll be more).

Particularly, for having the conscience and courage to post about having her bank account being hacked.   I am sure that this was a comfort to those who had suffered the same, and a very important heads up to some of her readers who would otherwise have remained at risk.  Applause.

Just One Day in a Lifetime at

Specifically, for taking a keen interest in other people’s lives and working hard to produce long posts in that pursuit.

Mtphoto at

Specifically, for often dropping an encouraging  Like, and offering such great close up photography.

Rachel at

Specifically, for being particularly World/Eco friendly,  a frequent visitor,  squirrel liker and plant eater.

Walking with Smackepentax at

Specifically,  for often dropping an encouraging Like, making such friendly replies and making the countryside friendly.

With thanks to many others for their friendly responses to comments.

Dedicated to all: Stars to wish upon, and the prospect of knowing that you wish upon the same stars. Just in case you don’t already know how to find them, I offer you the North Star and the Southern Cross.

Ursa major and Polaris Whilst the Great Bear constellation turns through the sky, the lip of the Panhandle (as it also known) constantly points towards the North Star.  The star is quite dim in the sky but occupies a space all of  its own.

Visible in the Northern Hemisphere and some equatorial regions.


Crux Southern Cross

The Southern Cross is quite easily seen as 4 bright stars forming a small slanted cross.

Visible in the Southern Hemisphere and some parts just north of  equatorial regions.




Both hang above their respective Poles and have been a great aid, and a life saver, to seafaring navigators throughout the ages.

I hope you enjoy and “May You Never Howl Alone” or get lost at night.

Best Wishes – Graham

That was fun, but I need a lie down.


6 comments on “Semper Fidelis

  1. Oh how kind of you and how appreciated! Thank you! I taught the constellations to my children’s elementary school science team. One of the most fun things I’ve done! The guys absolutely loved it!

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