Hyacinth and a baby Elephant

Seven Pictures and a Song – It starts out very pink.

DSC_0330 DSC_0330-4 Perhaps the wild one is better. What do you think ?

DSC_0255 Hyacinth 1
It is a little known fact that baby Elephants roam wild in the East End of London.  Around about midnight, they are often seen planting Hyacinths with their trunks whilst humming a little tune.

You should see what the giraffes did ▼


I don’t know why I keep on choosing Beatles songs.  Perhaps it’s because they go well with sunshine, flowers and joyfulness.

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4 comments on “Hyacinth and a baby Elephant

  1. I think you’ve framed the elephants’ work well, though the second image is my favorite. I think you’d do well to invest in a game camera so that we can all enjoy watching the younguns at work.

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