The Linc Night Festival with a Michael Jackson Act

18 pics.  This was the best fun of all the Linc Festivals.  All the performers did well and the Jive dancers and the Micheal Jackson act played it to the hilt.  Special thanks go to Asim,  Lati and all who worked on it for all the hard work and a great day

The Hat Modeller

Hat Modeller - DSC_3840

The Mechanical Bull

Fete - Mech Bull 2

Fete - Mech Bull 6

The Local Performers

Performers - Fete - DSC_3839 Performers - Fete - DSC_3906 Performers - Fete - DSC_3852 Performers - Fete - DSC_3845 Performers - Fete - DSC_3908

 Some Jive Bunnies

Jive Bunnies - Fete - DSC_3882

Who taught some more.

Jive Bunnies - Fete - DSC_3861

Then everybody wanted a go.

Jive Bunnies - Fete - DSC_3937-2Jive Bunnies - Fete - DSC_3925

The Michael Jackson Act

Who played it to the hilt.

Jackson - DSC_3967 Jackson - DSC_3968 Jackson - DSC_3971 Jackson - DSC_3983 Jackson - DSC_3981 Jackson - DSC_4039

Jackson - DSC_4043


4 comments on “The Linc Night Festival with a Michael Jackson Act

    • Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed. Sorry for the delay. It’s just that this blog has done as much it can to fulfill it’s primary purpose so I’ve not being paying enough attention. Naughty Hat.

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