Linc Fete 2015 Photos and Video

Linc fete 2015

Well it looks safe enough. A few youngsters having a quiet dance.

For big pictures, click on Freed From Time.  Last year’s Fete with Michael Jackson performer is here. To download pics: Left click on the image to expand then right click and choose “Save Image As” .

Linc Fete 2015 Dance

And, some local performers.
Linc Fete 2015 - Performer 2

Linc Fete 2015 Performer 1c

And, a great smile on great wheels
Linc Fete 2015 - Smile on Wheels

But, then there are these rascals.
Linc Fete 2015 - Rascals

And, this rascal.  The youngsters were having a great time pointing and screaming.  I think the screaming part was the most fun.
Linc fete 2015- Performer on Stilts

Linc Fete 2015 - Whasat

And, Whasat.
Linc Fete 2015 - Whasat 2

Dance was by Embrace Dance, and they did
Linc Fete 2015 - Embrace Dance 1

And, even teach had a go.
Linc Fete 2015 - Embrace Dance 2

Linc Fete 2015 - Embrace Dance 3

He did come down eventually.
Linc Fete 2015 - Embrace Dance 4

These two were part of the The Invincibles.
Linc Fete 2015 - Half Invincibles

These are all the Invincibles and they were.
Linc Fete 2015 - The Invincibles 1

Linc Fete 2015 - The Invincibles 2

Linc Fete 2015 - The Invincibles 3

Linc Fete 2015 - The Invincibles Dance 2.

And, a good time was had by all, but I didn’t predict a riot.



The Linc Night Festival with a Michael Jackson Act

18 pics.  This was the best fun of all the Linc Festivals.  All the performers did well and the Jive dancers and the Micheal Jackson act played it to the hilt.  Special thanks go to Asim,  Lati and all who worked on it for all the hard work and a great day

The Hat Modeller

Hat Modeller - DSC_3840

The Mechanical Bull

Fete - Mech Bull 2

Fete - Mech Bull 6

The Local Performers

Performers - Fete - DSC_3839 Performers - Fete - DSC_3906 Performers - Fete - DSC_3852 Performers - Fete - DSC_3845 Performers - Fete - DSC_3908

 Some Jive Bunnies

Jive Bunnies - Fete - DSC_3882

Who taught some more.

Jive Bunnies - Fete - DSC_3861

Then everybody wanted a go.

Jive Bunnies - Fete - DSC_3937-2Jive Bunnies - Fete - DSC_3925

The Michael Jackson Act

Who played it to the hilt.

Jackson - DSC_3967 Jackson - DSC_3968 Jackson - DSC_3971 Jackson - DSC_3983 Jackson - DSC_3981 Jackson - DSC_4039

Jackson - DSC_4043

Straight Up With A Twist


The Cable Car over the Thames, London,UK.

Well, I suppose the builders were grinning when they said they’d give it whirl.  I should have known better really.

Over the Thames (London) Cable Car – Visitor Information

Th United Emirates cable car traverses the river Thames in East London between the Royal Victoria Dock and the North Greenwich Peninsula.  It can be found on the Standard London Underground Map at sector D8.

Fares, using a Travel Card (show it at the ticket office to get a discount) or Oyster Card (no need to queue at the ticket office) are currently (October 2013) £3.20 per adult and £1.60 per child, each way.  It costs a bit more (about 20%) if you buy a boarding pass at the terminal.  It makes sense to use a Card as this will also save money on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.  More Information.

In many cases travel costs are almost halved by using a Pay as You Go “Swipe” Oyster card whilst an all day/week Travel Card can be even less expensive.

Click on for Fare Information.

Click on for Oyster Card and other options information.

BE AWARE: That if you forget to swipe out, when leaving a station, there is a penalty charge and the card may be unusable for a while.

A video of the view  shows that although it is partly obstructed by the tall buildings of Canary Wharf and lasts 5-10 minutes (according to time of day), it is nevertheless quite good value for money. 

It is used for some commuting to and from work, so it is better to avoid peak times.

Thank you for visiting UK Online in Poplar

The Last Rule of Acquisition

Having produced a thought cloud on the subject of “Have we got all the loot yet”: The Ferengi Council concluded that they had got everything they could and would leave for home, applying the last rule of acquisition.  Take the building as well.

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here it Comes

For those who may face a hard winter, all I can offer is to click on Here Comes the Sun. A  little sun inside in anticipation of its return, as I’m sure that good George Harrison intended. Enjoy.

Here comes the sun (du dn du du)
Here comes the sun
And I say
Its alright

And, a special update in sympathy, for all those who find themselves harassed by the untidiness of Autumn leaves (yes, you know who I mean /name withheld to protect – me).

It’s a Mystery


Near Royal Victoria Docks – Canning Town, London, England

To paraphrase from an old film, in reference to wartime sausages.

It’s a mystery to me what they put in these things, and I hope it’s never solved in my lifetime.

Ducks Chronicle – Appeal


Sir Montagur Fluffly - DFC and Bar (any bar really)

Sir Montague Fluffly – DFC and Bar (any bar really)

An appeal by Sir Montague on behalf of wildfowl, and those who are only slightly annoyed.

Whenever you are feeling low,
And life does not seem to flow,
Flick a stick or kick a brick,
But please don’t chuck a duck.

Yeah, it durts our dozes, innit

For more Duck Chronicles please click Here

Magnetosphere Visualizer

Visualizers produce a graphic effect in time with music being played.  That is, a sound to light effect.  Most audio players will come complete with a range of visualizers.  Others can be downloaded, sometimes free.


The best visualizer  used to be called “The Magnetosphere“.  It is now only available with the Apple iTune player but the player can be downloaded to a Mac or PC for free.   The effect has multiple modes to play with.

You can take a look at the effect using the link below (link replaced because the original is no longer available) :-

Click on “Youtube” (bottom right of screen) to view at  There you will find other visualizers.  Some are not free.

To get the best of this visualizer, if you can, connect your computer’s VGA lead (i.e. the one that normally connects to your monitor) between your computer and a large screen TV or projector (You will need a cable that has a plug at both ends).  Then use the TV’s or projector’s remote to select PC as the Source.  The effect is stunning.

To download iTunes, you can use the following link..

Important Tip: If you already have a folder of music (e.g. you have been using Windows Media Player) then, when  iTunes opens, you will need to use menu File/Add to include your music in the iTunes player. 

Before you do this, go to Edit/Preferences then the Advanced tab and then uncheck the “Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding”.  Otherwise you will have a second copy of music taking up disk space.

If you copy music to your PC, other than using iTunes, it will be necessary to use File/Add again.

To activate the visualizer:

  • Open the iTunes player and play your choice of music.
  • Select, from the menu, “View” then “Visualizer”.  Choose the visualizer thet you want to use. 
    • The iTunes visualizer is an advancement on the basic Magnetosphere and is probably the best choice.
  • Then select, from the menu, “View” then “Show Visualizer”.
  • For a menu of controls press  ?   With some modes you can also use the keys Q W, A S, and + –  keys.
  • To toggle Full Screen press Ctrl and F.
  • To stop press Esc

Enjoy !

Hemming Bird

Hemming Bird

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Judges will be mostly sober.  Captions so far:

What do you mean adopted ?

Parcel for Mrs Nectar.

Honest officer, I was only doing 30 mph.

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