Sun Genie

Sunrise Geni- Enh

The Sun Genie wriggled from the ground, did a quick John Trovolta dance move in the sky and used his laser vision to zap breakfast. Especially for those who can say contrails.  🙂



Always unique and the beginning of a new day with all its possibilities.  Isn’t it a wonderful thing to live in a world that not only makes life possible but can also make life worth living.  We who are fortunate, have much to be thankful for.  Enjoy your day.   And, another picture.

Rainbows over Buildings


Even the tall buildings, like the Shard of Glass, are dwarfed by natures great rainbow.

I like the fact that, in all our cleverness, we will never be able to compete with this. 

Perhaps such sights will keep things in perspective and help to stop the lunacy of destroying our own planet.

Buffalo Sky

Even in the city one can still see a sky that pays no attention to what lies below.   There are still as many shades of blue and the encouragement to imagine.

Perhaps all things of wonder emerge from the clouds and eventually return to dissolve.  This picture is either or both.  Circles of life and our wonder at it,  they do not have either a beginning or an end.   Such is the nature of circles and the circle of nature.

Surely we are so very fortunate to be living as part of it, given the privilege of being more than a mere witness.