Fun With Computers

With Your Computer.

Music: One of the simplest and most enjoyable uses, is as a library of music.  Using applications such as Windows Media Player or the iTunes Player (it does work on a PC).  

With media players you can copy from a CD or other source, organise your music, create your own playlists, download music to your computer and/or a portable player.  You can also display display a visualizer.  A visualizer creates a display of sound to light and movement.

See our post The Magnetosphere visualizer.

Music can be downloaded (and paid for) as single tracks and you can usually hear a sample before deciding.  Many people use the iTunes store, but you don’t have to.  There are many download sites.  Most have back-catalogues.

There are varying qualities of download.  Many say that 256kb/s is sufficent. Others seek 320 kbs. To find out who supplies what, click on :

Games: There are many games available on CD and on the net.  Some games can be played with other internet users.  For instance as part of a cyber world that other users also inhabit.  You can also acquire such applications as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator which is a genuine flight tutorial.  You will neeed to purchase a joystick for such appications.


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