Genuine Advantage

If, when using Microsoft Office, you see a popup banner with words like “Genuine Advantage” it means that the application is not licensed (i.e. does not have Genuine Advanage).  The application was probably installed across a Local Area Network within a commercial environment.

Microsoft considers that these licenses are not transferable and want you to purchase a new licence.  This can be expensive.

The banner appears to be no more than an inconvenience and will disappear if you click on “No” or “Not Now”.

However it goes further than that.  Mostly, any file you create will not load on another computer.  That includes any attachments to e-mails.

There are various technical solutions available on the web, but the consequences are unpredictable.

If you happen to find yourself caught out like this, the rights and wrongs are debatable. 

By the way, you don’t’ have to save files in the most recent format.  Using “File/File Save As” and then (from the bottom of the File Save panel) you can choose an earlier File Type (e.g. Windows 95/98).  These earlier formats produce slightly larger files but, at present, load perfectly well in more modern applications.

Alternatively, you can download a free Office Suite of applications from It is a little rudimentary but entirely acceptable for most uses.  Remember to save your work as a file type suitable to a recipient (usually Word format). 


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