Getting a Printer

5.  Getting a Printer

If you you feel the need:

If you find a used printer make sure it works properly in colour.  Ink Jet printers that have been left unused do get clogged up.

Otherwise, new printers are fairly cheap but the replacement ink cartridges are not.

If you intend a lot of printing, particularly of colour photographs, then you might consider refilling the cartridges yourself.  Be warned it’s not possible with all brands of printer; it can be messy and requires patience.  But, it costs about 20% to 25% of the usual expense.

Fortunately the ink is water based and will wash out of most things.

First  go and look at printers at a large store and then check the size and cost of the replacement cartridges. 

If you decide that you want to try refilling your own then get a refill kit first. The kit will contain instruction that show which printer cartridges can be refilled and how difficult each model is.  Alternatively, the JR site will let you download their instruction sheets

I’ve had trouble with PC Line refill inks (they clogged up my printer).  JR Universal has been the best so far.  Click on the blue.


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