Links from a Page or Post

Links from Page or Post  
A Link can be created on any Page or Post which transfers the viewer to another Page, Post or Web page when clicked-on.
To Link to another Web page, first open the Web page in a new tab/window and then copy the URL from the address bar (highlight, right-click, copy).
Return to the Page/Post edit page and highlight a suitable text for your Link.  Then click-on   the Link icon
Paste the URL into the box provided, tick (or not) the box for “Open link in a new window/tab” and Save.
To Link to one of your own Pages or Posts. Highlight a suitable text for your Link. Then click-on  the Link icon  and select from the list of Pages and Posts that appear below (you might have to wait for a few moments for the full list to appear) then Save.
Note: Highlight a selection of text by holding down the left mouse key and dragging the pointer over the selection.
Link from and Image
A Link from an Image can be created but, as a result, clicking-on on the Image will  no longer result in it expanding it to full size. Instead the user will be transferred to the Link address (URL).
T create the Link, click-on the Image then on the edit icon (a small blue landscape picture.  At the entry point marked “Link URL”, replace the address with the address that you want.  You can obtain the address you require by opening the desired Web page and copying from the address bar.
Do not do this in ” Advanced” edit.  That would lose access to the picture’s source at WordPress. 

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