Useful Links       

Please click on a light blue text below to go to a site.

For free services and information, it is always worth checking your local council’s web site.  See “Tower Hamlets” below.

There are many useful sites available. To find them refer to our “How To” – “Search the Internet” page and scroll down to “Search the Web”.

Those below are divided into two sections. The first contains those most relevent to the UK Online project and the second contains a sample of useful sites further divided by category.

Harca and UK Online

Poplar Harca (Housing Association)

UK Online Centre 

Associated With

Community Capacity Builders (CCBUK)

Community Champions Org

Digital Champions Toolkit and Links

Digital Champions on Facebook

Pass IT On

Get a Computer

Poplar Blog: 

Poplar and Bow Community Centres, News, Events and Activities


More Useful Links

Banking, Insurance:

All the major Banks and Insurance companies provide online services.  Enter the name of the company in your search (e.g. using Google) and follow the instructions. 

Make sure that you have contacted a genuine site by checking the address bar at the top.  Before engaging in any transaction, make sure that there is a closed padlock beside the address bar.

You can also put money into online savings accounts, which usually provide a better interest rate.

Here are just a few useful sites (use Google to search for):

.. and for a little fun:-

              then click on one of the signposts.


For example:

Get a free email account: 

Live (Microsoft) was Hotmail:

Yahoo (BT):                             

Gmail (Google):                    

For more, simply use a search box and enter  email.

Get a free Chat and Video Chat account:

You will need a microphone and headphones/speakers.  Headphones, with an extension lead, are often better because they reduce the posibility of audio feedback (screeching).  You can get Headphone/ microphone headsets.

For video chat you will need a web-cam (some have microphones included).  However, you do not need a web-cam to just chat and/or send/recieve pictures.

MSN  Messenger:


Either of these will provide free communications with a computer that has the same service installed. You can use more than one service. With Skype you can also make calls to telephones for a subscription charge.

The above sites will provide further information.

Currency Converter:


Free Goods:

You can acquire some very useful and desirable items from people who no longer have space for them.  There are so many sites that it is best to enter the words:

free goods to collect

In the Google, or other Search Engine, Search box. 


NHS & Symptom Checker:

BBC Health Site:

Alternative Therapies

Whilst you will have to pay for alternative therapies, there are many books available for home use.  To find books, go to the site and select “Books” from the top menu bar.   Some books will be available at your local library (Idea Store). 

For modern-day stress problems and aches and pains, you might like to consider Yoga and/or the Alexander Technique.  Please click on the site below for more information.  . 

The Small C: 

The Small C:  on Facebook:

Law and Rights:


Libraries are free and cater for all ages.  Those with mobility problems can use the home delivery service.

You can order/reserve books from the Libraries Consortium, which includes books from the following regions:-

Barking & Dagenham, Brent, Ealing, Enfield, Hackney, Havering, Newham,
Redbridge,Richmond,WalthamForest, Wandsworth.

Most libraries also provide Internet services.  You may have to book the use of a computer during busy times

Please click on the site address for more information.

Social Concerns:  (provides marriage and relationship counselling but is not a free service).


There are many shopping sites such as Dixons, Curries, Comet etc and many that you will not have heard of.  They can all be found by entering their name in your search.  Alternatively, you can enter the name or brief description of the item that you seek.   Here are just a few useful sites.   This is like a mini-bank that provides a safe way to make purchases online.  A site where you can enter a bid for goods.  A very large online shopping site  The well-known shopping site.

Tower Hamlets Council:

Housing, planning, social services, events, general services, history and much more.

Translation between languages:


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