On Twitter

We get updates from Twitter every 15 minutes.  

Please go down the left side of this screen, then to view our Tweets, either:-

  1. Click on the section title, [Our Tweets],  to see all our Twitter Posts (see note 1).   Then move the mouse pointer near the top of a  Tweet to see the [Open] button.  You don’t need to be signed in to look.
  2. Click on any light blue text.  You may be taken to Twitter, Facebook or a Website depending on the source of the Tweet (see note 1)
  3. Click on [Follow @onlineinpoplar] at the bottom of  Our Twitter section to go to Twitter.  You can sign in  or create a new free account/registration (see note 2).

Note 1:  These options use the present Tab (window).  You can always Back Arrow (topmost left of screen) to return here.  Alternatively and better, click here to open a new tab for UK Online in Poplar and check the Tweets from there. You can then flip between the two tabs.

Note 2: Opens a new Tab.

Enjoy !