Print a Page/Post/Image

  • Print Whole Screen.
  • Print the Text only.
  • Print a Picture

Print the Whole Screen. Unfortunately any attempt to print directly from the page will result in a print of the whole screen. If you wish to do this, right mouse button click and select Print from the pop-up menu.

To print the text only. Copy/paste the item content into a Wordprocessor, Wordpad or Notepad then print from there.

To copy, hold down the left mouse button whilst moving over the area to select. Then, right-click within that area and select copy from the pop-up menu.

To paste into a  another application open the app and right-click and select paste from the pop-up menu.

To Print a Picture. Click-on the picture to expand it’s size.  Then select File/Print from your Bowsers menu.