Fine Art Photography by Idrus Arsyad

I can’t help but reblog this. Particularly the pictures further down the page. I must admit being very taken by the the ethereal. Enjoy 🙂


Viareggio, Lucca: le follie ed i segreti del suo mitico Carnevale.The humor and the secrets of his legendary Carnival

I have not had time to post for a while. So I thought I would reblog something worth seeing. Two blogs, both have many fabulous photographs. These are just samples. They remind me of the worth of our planet and the best of our contributions to it. 🙂



Chi come me, vive in Toscana, non può dire che sia Carnevale senza essere passata dal Corso Mascherato di Viareggiolo specchio d'argento

Lo specchio d’argento

Vanno i morti fra i vivi

hanno lo specchio della verità sull’unica faccia

l’eterna corrente

che muove le crespe del volto in rigidezze d’argento.

Sfinge astratta lamento di Sibille e Profeti.

Alti alberi di lacrime e sentieri incolti

dove corre, scorre si straccia

lo specchio dell’eterna verità sull’unica faccia.

                          perché l’uomo sente il bisogno di mascherarsi?


                      Nata nel 1873 è la più grande manifestazione folcroristica europea e una delle più importanti al mondo 


La prima sfilata di carrozze addobbate a festa si svolse nella storica via Regia, nel cuore della città vecchia. Fu la prima edizione del grande spettacolo che oggi è il Carnevale di Viareggio.L’idea di una sfilata per festeggiare il carnevale nacque fra i giovani della Viareggio-bene di allora che frequentavano il caffè del Casinò. Era…

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Rikki Tikki Tavi….

I have not had time to post for a while. So I thought I would reblog something worth seeing. Two blogs, both have many fabulous photographs. These are just samples. They remind me of the worth of our planet and the best of our contributions to it. 🙂


is alive and well on St Croix!


And so is his buddy Gus the Gecko!


St Croix is beautiful on the empty north shore except for the geckos, mongoose, iguanas and crabs. My kinda folks! You remember Rudyard’s Rikki?

He saved his human family from the evil cobra Nagaina!
Well Rikki is living under our bungalow, protecting us, and he is cute as a button!

Beautiful tropical flowers are everywhere!

The only thing they don’t have here is speedy WiFi, so please excuse me for not being able to follow and comment on your blogs as much as I would like too! DSC01206
Check out my office though, it does have some distinct benefits….
Cheers to you from swinging St Croix!

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Always unique and the beginning of a new day with all its possibilities.  Isn’t it a wonderful thing to live in a world that not only makes life possible but can also make life worth living.  We who are fortunate, have much to be thankful for.  Enjoy your day.   And, another picture.

Knife Edge by Henry Moore

Currently found at the west most top of Greenwich Park.  It is likely that it will be returned to the Henry Moore foundation during the summer of 2014Click on any picture to fit screen.

Knife Edge by Henry Moore – BBC

Knife Edge by Henry Moore – Wiki

Henry Moore – Wiki

Henry Moore Foundation

Nearby.  Not so much what is it, but why is it ?

Straight Up With A Twist


The Cable Car over the Thames, London,UK.

Well, I suppose the builders were grinning when they said they’d give it whirl.  I should have known better really.

Over the Thames (London) Cable Car – Visitor Information

Th United Emirates cable car traverses the river Thames in East London between the Royal Victoria Dock and the North Greenwich Peninsula.  It can be found on the Standard London Underground Map at sector D8.

Fares, using a Travel Card (show it at the ticket office to get a discount) or Oyster Card (no need to queue at the ticket office) are currently (October 2013) £3.20 per adult and £1.60 per child, each way.  It costs a bit more (about 20%) if you buy a boarding pass at the terminal.  It makes sense to use a Card as this will also save money on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.  More Information.

In many cases travel costs are almost halved by using a Pay as You Go “Swipe” Oyster card whilst an all day/week Travel Card can be even less expensive.

Click on for Fare Information.

Click on for Oyster Card and other options information.

BE AWARE: That if you forget to swipe out, when leaving a station, there is a penalty charge and the card may be unusable for a while.

A video of the view  shows that although it is partly obstructed by the tall buildings of Canary Wharf and lasts 5-10 minutes (according to time of day), it is nevertheless quite good value for money. 

It is used for some commuting to and from work, so it is better to avoid peak times.

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The Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark and the legacy of the great sailing ships with two pictures and two links

The Cutty Sark is now on show at Greenwich (London,UK).  It is the last remaining example of the great Tea Clippers.  For more information about the exhibit please click here.

The first of each tea harvest from China to Europe was of great commercial value. These ships were built for that purpose, using a narrow hull and powerful rig.  Built for speed rather than large cargo.  For more of that history please click here.

The Cutty Sark was recognised as the foremost in its class even though it never quite won the Great Tea Race.


This is another Clipper Ship, Lightning under full sail.

Provided under Creative Commons Licence by: Bruce Von Stetina




Ships like these and their crews advanced the knowledge of construction, navigation and seamanship.  Altogether making travel by sea a lot safer than it used to be.  It was once the most hazardous of all occupations.  By contrast, going to sea has now become a pleasure to many.

An important principle still remains for all such potentially hazardous occupations.  That is, the development of good habit.  Often inconvenient in good weather but a vital life safer when wet, cold, tired, in the dark, confused and disoriented.

Such vessels do not remain in service and their builders and brave crews are no longer with us. But, the advances that they made remain. Those ships and their crews may not still roll,  but because of their legacy, they still rock.

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Sun, Sun, Sun, Here it Comes

For those who may face a hard winter, all I can offer is to click on Here Comes the Sun. A  little sun inside in anticipation of its return, as I’m sure that good George Harrison intended. Enjoy.

Here comes the sun (du dn du du)
Here comes the sun
And I say
Its alright

And, a special update in sympathy, for all those who find themselves harassed by the untidiness of Autumn leaves (yes, you know who I mean /name withheld to protect – me).

Cinderellas and Christmas Trees


There are many things that may be said about living in a city.  I should know, I’ve said most of them.  But, after dark, the dusty old Cinderella is transformed into a lawn of glimmering lights.  Here and there can be seen a Christmas tree in repose. 

One is encouraged to think, that there is a cheerful sense of fellowship and persistent goodwill amongst friends who meet and even between strangers.

I am reminded of a poem by Wallace Stevens called “Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock”.  Although, I think at the end he found the remedy.  It is a poem best heard with eyes closed, but you can always imagine.

The houses are haunted
By white night-gowns.
None are green,
Or purple with green rings,
Or green with yellow rings,
Or yellow with blue rings.
None of them are strange,
With socks of lace
And beaded ceintures.
People are not going
To dream of baboons and periwinkles.
Only, here and there, an old sailor,
Drunk and asleep in his boots,
Catches tigers
In red weather.

Pakleni dan / Hell of a day

This is really a MUST SEE. The photography is excellent and with a very interesting approach.

It is overlayed with a great piece of music and the video at the end carries the theme forward wonderfully well. Worth seeing on a projector.
I’d recommend the other “Days” too.  Especially “The Bee Lady” and “Tinkerbell Kitty

Reblogged with the kind permission of the WordPress site: Just One Day in A Lifetime with the Post: Hell of a Day   give it a click and some Likes.  A fairly new blog well worth encouraging.

Just One Day In a Lifetime

Ovo nije bilo planirano. Još manje je bilo planirano objavljivanje dva vlastita dana za redom. No, što je tu je. Ljeto je. Pakleno ljeto.

Zvučnike, molim.


This was not the plan. And it was definitely not the plan to publish two days of my own in a row. Well, it is what it is. Summer. Hell of a summer.

Speakers, please.



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Rainbows over Buildings


Even the tall buildings, like the Shard of Glass, are dwarfed by natures great rainbow.

I like the fact that, in all our cleverness, we will never be able to compete with this. 

Perhaps such sights will keep things in perspective and help to stop the lunacy of destroying our own planet.

Buffalo Sky

Even in the city one can still see a sky that pays no attention to what lies below.   There are still as many shades of blue and the encouragement to imagine.

Perhaps all things of wonder emerge from the clouds and eventually return to dissolve.  This picture is either or both.  Circles of life and our wonder at it,  they do not have either a beginning or an end.   Such is the nature of circles and the circle of nature.

Surely we are so very fortunate to be living as part of it, given the privilege of being more than a mere witness.

It’s a Mystery


Near Royal Victoria Docks – Canning Town, London, England

To paraphrase from an old film, in reference to wartime sausages.

It’s a mystery to me what they put in these things, and I hope it’s never solved in my lifetime.