Use a Browser

Some Tips and Tricks

 Since most people use Internet Explorer as their Browser and Google as there Search Engine, these tips will be suited to those applications but similar applies to other Internet search devices.

 Note:  Some old sites are not fully compatible with the recent Internet Explorer 8.  For example, lists may appear crumbled or garbled.  To correct this  click on the green Compatibility View button near the top of your IE8 Browser screen.


 Choosing your Opening (Home) page:

  The easiest way, is to go to the page that you want e.g.

  Then select the ↓ arrow beside the Home icon (it looks like a small house). 


 From the mini-menu select  “Add or Remove Home Page” and then select from menu panel as required. 


From the top bar menu select  “Tools” then from the bottom of the drop down menu select “Internet Options” then from the “General” tab select “Use Current”. 

Whatever Internet Site you have chosen will then appear every time you start your Browser. 

Returning to your Chosen Home Page: 

Click on the Home icon. 

Creating Favourites: 

 You may wish to return to a favourite site.  When viewing that site click on “Favourites” on the menu bar then “Add to Favourites”.   You can then add the site to your favourites or choose “New Folder” or choose and existing folder and add the new site.   For instance, you might create a folder to view shopping sites. 

To return to a site simply click on Favourites and select from the list. 

If you have a particularly favourite site then you can add it to the Favourites Bar by selecting “Add to Favourites Bar” instead. 

Choosing the Visible Menu Bars 

 Place the mouse cursor over a blank grey area at the top of your screen then press the right hand button (right click) of your mouse.  A small menu will appear and you can choose your menu bars. 

Multiple Sites:

You can retain access to several sites at one time.  Simply click on the blank square (tab) next to the current tab, for example:

A new browser window will open.  You can then flip between the tabs for each site.


 To go back and forward between sites that you have viewed, use the large arrows at the top left hand side of your screen. 

You can click on  any of the Favourtites list or Favourites Bar tabs or any of the current tabs.

 To view other sites that have recently used, click on the “Favourites” tab (lowest left side of the menu bars).  Then select the “History” tab and then your choice of list to view. 

 Searching the Web: 

 To make a more precise search of the web look for the words “Advanced Search” somewhere near the Search box.  Click on those words and a form will open. 


To Search for UK sites only.  

 When you have your first list of sites, look at the left side sidebar and select “Pages from theUK” 

 To Search for only “Videos, Maps, Shopping News and more”: 

 Select from the top of the screen or from the left sidebar when it appears. 

 Using  shortcuts: 

 Entering the words: 

 UK online in poplar 

 Will find any site that has any of those words in any order. 

 Entering (using quotation marks”: 

 “UK online” in poplar 

 Will find sites that have an exact match for the words UK Online and in addition those who also have any of the words in poplar.  A precise search can also be made using only words in quotation marks. 

 Placing a   +   before a word will ensure that the word is present on the site. 

 Placing a   –   before a word will ensure that it is excluded.




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