Using a Feed

If you sign-up to a “Feed” then the selected group of  updates will appear on your browser under “Favourites” in the “Feeds” tab.  You will see if there any updates by moving the mouse pointer over the name of the feed. 

That is “Favourites” on your Tabs bar (it sometimes shows as a star) not the one on the menu bar.  

Feeds can be deleted from your Browser by (right mouse button) clicking on the Feed and then selecting Delete from the pop-up menu.

  This button, beside the Feed name, will refresh the Feed.

To view and sign-up (if you wish):


Click on Entries RSS  (from the Meta list on the Sidebar near the bottom of the page) .  You will then see a list of Posts which you can filter by Category.  RSS = Really Simple Syndication.

Entries RSS (if you select “Subscribe to this feed.”) will notify your Browser of any new Posts, with an opportunity to view attached Comments by clicking on “Comments”.


Click on Comments CSS, also on the Meta sidebar, you will then see a list of Comments.

In this case (if you select Subscribe to this feed.”)  your Browser will be notified of  any new Comments.

You can choose Entries RSS and/or Entries CSS.  The limit on each of our Feeds is the 20 most recent items.

To return, click on our sites title at the top of the Feed page.

Try it. You can always delete the Feed (see above).