Why be OnLine ?

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There are many benefits of  learning how to use Internet and being OnLine.  UK OnLine is a national project for just that purpose. You do not have to own a computer.  Libraries and Community Centres offer free access to the Internet.  An Internet Cafe will make a small charge for each half hour.

For examples of useful sites, that provide many of the facilities listed below, please click on Useful Links.


You can get almost any information from the Internet related to:-

  • Your local council; which provides information, including such things as services, events, resident involvement, planning, housing and much more.
  • Government services such as benefits and pensions
  • Housing associations and there services.
  • Knowing your legal and human rights.
  • Finding events, clubs and a variety of social networks.
  • Finding OnLine forums, social networks and chat rooms for almost any topic you can think of. You might even create your own.
  • Making variety of appointments.  For instance with your doctor.
  • Seeking information about health concerns, including those that provide alternative treatments.
  • Finding shops and on line vendors which can provides almost anything that you seek.

There is much more and you can virtually enter just a few words and receive a list of useful sites to pick from.

Find work & improve skills

7 million job ads appeared online last year. You now need computer skills for 90% of new jobs, and good computer skills can increase your earnings by 25%.


If you use a computer at home then your Internet Service Provider will provide you with an Email account.  Otherwise “Hotmail” will provide a free account and you can use one of the public facilities mentioned above.  With Email you can communicate with others to make enquiries, applications, lodge a complaint, send and receive information or just correspond with friends. 

Email can include the sending and receiving of “Attachments”.  Attachments are such things as larger documents, pictures, applications or  CV’s and almost anything else you wish to send.

You can also use services like MSN Messenger or Skype which provide free telephone calls and free video calls to others with the same facility anywhere in the world.   For a small subscription, Skype will provide calls from your computer to standard telephones.

Joining In:

There are many social groups, support groups, political groups and protest groups available. Why be alone with a problem or interest when there are so many people out there who share your interest.

25 million people in the UK make social connections through Facebook (only the US has more)


You can Download to your computer useful applications (programs) and information booklets. If you don’t have an Internet connection at home, then you can use one of the public facilities mentioned above and transfer the item using a Flash Drive (aka memory stick or dongle).   


You can find what you seek, even the most unusual item or service, often at a discount. You can even make the purchase OnLine and have an item delivered.  Although this is not recommended except from a home computer. 

 Households save up to £560 a year shopping and paying bills online.

Financial Facilities:

You can check your bank balance, pay bills by direct debit or by standing orders (e.g. pay rent and council tax).  Although this is not recommended except from a home computer.

Note:One should always take care when using the Internet.  Please see our Article “How To/Be Safe Online”.

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