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  2. Some Facts and Figures

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Become a recognised Digital Champion and help us to get everyone OnLine and using the Internet. As part of the national UK OnLine project, we train people for any of role including that of  Internet Tutor.  Please click on Internet Courses  or How to Help  for more information.

Training and support are entirely free and may help you in a search for a better and more interesting job.

If you can assist in person as a Tutor, Assistant, Helper or Supporter then the benefits include ongoing training and support, an opportunity to help your community, learning new skills and being part of a growing family. 

If you do have experience, but not much free time, then you might perhaps write articles for this Web Log or enter discussion in one of the Forums.  You would still be part of an important project and will certainly make new friends.

You will expand your social circle, meet friendly people and play a leading role in your community.  Perhaps you will discover a more interesting and invigorating lifestyle.

If you would like to enquire further, there is absolutely no obligation.  We will be pleased to here from you.  Please use the enquiry form below.

Some Facts and Figures

From our Facebook Entry:

There are 8.7 million people in the UK who have never used the internet. It probably doesn’t surprise you that 6 million of these people are over the age of 65, and about 4 million come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Now imagine how exciting it would be if the 30 million people in the UK who use the internet every day gave a bit of time to help someone get online.

Being a digital champion is not only easy to do and lots of fun, you could help someone to:

Find work & improve skills

 7 million job ads appeared online last year. You now need computer skills for 90% of new jobs, and good computer skills can increase your earnings by 25%.

 Have fun

16 millon of us are already watching TV or listening to the radio through the web.

Find information

Government public information is moving online – you’ll increasingly need to access the web to do everything from influencing decisions that affect your area to collecting benefits.

Explore interests

 25 million people in the UK make social connections through Facebook (only the US has more)

Save money

Households save up to £560 a year shopping and paying bills online.

Keep in touch

 3.1 million people over 65 go more than a week without seeing family, friends or neighbours. The Internet can empower people to get connected so there’s no need to feel lonely.

Who need your help 

The chances are you will know an internet beginner: If none of your family, friends or neighbours need your help, why not offer your time to one of our community centre.

If you would like to know more, please leave an enquiry below.

  We would like to be sure of getting back to you, so please enter at least one means of contact.  

Thank You



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